Dalarnas, Sweden

Interests: Military history and uniforms, but I have a special interest in halftracks, particularly the SdKfz 251. Yet lately bushcraft has started to play a very important role in my life, pushing my previous hobbys to the background.
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About yeahwiggie
I bought my first model with my first earned cash at the age of 16. It was an Airfix Panther in 1/72. Soon after that (very soon) I got my self a Tiger in that scale too. From that moment on the modellingbug had bitten me and I kept buying kits every now and then. The switch to 1/35 came when I was about 18 and together with a friend, we started to do dioramas in a wargaming fashion, using wet sand to create a landscape, which, once dry, was perfect for displaying our builds. After a couple of years I switched to building motorcycles, mainly Tamiya's 1/12 bikes, but eventually I came around again to 1/35 military in my early 30's. It was then that i started building and painting on a more serious level, with the main emphasis on modern armor in the beginning, soon followed by single figures or little vignettes in 54mm up to 120mm. And now, since 4 years or so, I do 1/35 armor again. WW2, with German halftracks as the main interest. This doesn't keep me from wondering of to other subjects though. If I have an interest in something, I build it. My second, main interest in military affaires is military history. I love studying events, campaigns and/or people. Within this particular field of interest, European Waffen-SS volunteers (Wiking, Nordland etc) and (senior) commanders,like Guderian and/or von Manstein, are favorites. I used to do unioforms too, but since the figurepainting has been pushed to the background, so did the interest in uniforms in general.

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Airborne Campaign Ribbon: This award signifies this person completed Airborne Campaign by building diorama that shows actions of airborne forces - soldiers that are supposed to be surrounded
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Broken Sword Award: This award signifies this person completed Bitter Taste Of Defeat Diorama Campaign
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Get The Job Done....Again: Awarded for completing their half finished projects in the allotted time. Well done!
HT Ribbon: This ribbon is awarded to all those valiant modelers who have completed a halftrack for the Tracking Halfway: Halftracks! Campaign.
Mighty 88: This award signifies this person completed the Mighty 88 Campaign
Operation Market Garden: This award signifies this person completed the Operation Market Garden Campaign. They modelled on, against impossible odds!
OTEF Award: This award signifies this person completed On The Eastern Front Campaign by depicting vehicle or other item used from Molotov's Line to the wide fields of Soviet Union and back to Berlin: on the Eastern Front.
Over The Top award ribbon: Award blue black white and gold bands
Painting Those Troops Award: Awarded for bravery in the face of unpainted figures! The barer of this has performed figure-painting skills beyond the call of duty!
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UNFINISHED BUSINESS 2020: This award signifies the recipient successfully brought a 'Shelf Queen' to final, full completion