Utah, United States

Occupation: Avionics Systems Analyst
Interests: Photography
Username: woltersk


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From Roswell, New Mexico. To date have not seen any aliens. Joined the USAF in 1985. Hydraulics specialist on F- & EF-111As, and UH-1s for 4 years at Mt Home AFB, Idaho. Then retrained into F-16 Avionics (back shop). Worked Vipers in Colorado, Georgia, Kunsan AB Korea, Utah, and Aviano AB Italy. Last duty assignment was at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio working on odd stuff. Retired in 2010 and returned to Ogden, Utah and am currently working in the F-16 program office. Been married to the same wonderful woman for over 30 years. We have a daughter who is carrying on a 130+ year family tradition of service in the military. Build armor and military aircraft, and the occasional sci-fi to break the monotony. Have been modeling for 40+ years.

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