Metro Manila, Philippines

Occupation: Sales Professional
Interests: WW2 German AFVs / Aircraft, General and Military History, Golf
Username: tatbaqui


About tatbaqui
Any and all things military have been my fascination since I can remember. Reading thru Purnell's History of WW2 kept the interest burning -- have recently completed the whole set including the WW1 series. Seeing those ESCI, Tamiya, Airfix at the LHS made me want to build kits. At 13 I got my first try with a Matchbox Ju 87, and the rest is history. That build has gone thru several mutations, but still very much part of my collection. From wingy things, I ventured into figures, which I have yet to really get comfortable. Coming back to the hobby several years back, I've focused on WW2 German AFVs, which has become my primary interest. I have built some Allied ones, but they always end up with Balkenkreuzes! A lot of kit choices available these days and stash keeps on growing!

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