England - West Midlands, United Kingdom

Occupation: retired
Interests: Wargaming, uniforms, classical music, reading
Username: spacewolfdad


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Braille Battlefield Award: This award signifies the person that receives it has completed the requirements of the Braille Battlefield Campaign. The symbolism of the award is that the 'BB' is not only an acronym for the campaign name but also a small weapon projectile; thereby small scale. The arrows represent unit movement as might appear on a military map.
Commander's Award: Awarded to all who complete the Command Campaign
DML Ribbon: This award signifies this person completed the
Get r Done  III: This ribbon signifies this person completed this campaign
Light Tank Campaign: This award signifies this person completed the Light Tank Campaign
The Workhorse Panzer IV and variants: This ribbon will be given to all those brave warriors that finish the Panzer IV and variants campaign. Congratulations!!