Ohio, United States

Occupation: Law Enforcement
Username: seuss95b


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I have been b uilding for just over a year now. And i and doing well, still need work on the weathering area though. I am enjoy this hobby greatly.

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Achtung Jabo! Campaign Ribbon: This ribbon signifies that this user completed the Achtung Jabo! Campaing
Best of British Campaign Ribbon:
C2 Campaign Ribbon: This Ribbon will be awarded to those you complete at least one entry for this campaign.  It is made of the
Crouching Armor, Puffing Dragon Award: This award is given to the fiery souls who completed the Trial by Fire by building a flamethrowing vehicle. Made them burn we did!
get the job done:
get the job done:
Greatest Ever Modern Tank Award: Upon completion of this campaign, you will be decorated with Armorama's Greatest Ever Award. This award is given to the selected few that has shown dedication and effort in completing a campaign that is dedicated to the greatest ever tanks that are in active duty today.
Guardian Angle: This ribbon signifies the user completed the Guardian Angle helicopter group build.
Humvees campaign:
Of Wheels and Tracks Award:
OIF campaign armorama '03-'07: this award is to show that the person has completed the OIF '03-'07 armorama campaign
Riverine Military Craft~Indochina/Vietnam Ribbon: This award signifies completion with honors in the MSW Riverine Military Craft~Indochina/Vietnam Campaign.
The Desert Fever Ribbon: This award signifies that the participant had joined and successfully completed the campaign Desert Fever with at least a single entry.
Wheels Participant Award: This award signifies participation in the Wheels and Tires Campaign