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I am a 51yo modeler from Los Angeles,my favorite subjects are,modeling aircraft,and diorama's from WW2. I've been building since I was six

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APC / AFV Mk.II: For successful completion of the APC / AFV Mk II campaign
Armored Car Campaign Award: This award is given to all those who bravely complete the Armored Car Campaign
Blitz-6: For everyone who completes the campaign
Lets Get Small: Awarded for completing the Lets Get Small campaign, which was no small feat. Congratualrions on a job well done!
Marder Maddness : This ribbon is awarded to those that complete the Marder Maddness Campaign!
OTEF Award: This award signifies this person completed On The Eastern Front Campaign by depicting vehicle or other item used from Molotov's Line to the wide fields of Soviet Union and back to Berlin: on the Eastern Front.
Painting Those Troops Award: Awarded for bravery in the face of unpainted figures! The barer of this has performed figure-painting skills beyond the call of duty!
Self Propelled Indirect Fire Campaign Ribbon: This ribbon denotes the successful completion of model for the Self Propelled Indirect Fire Campaign.
Tank destroyer/SPG Campaign :
Tank Killers award: This award signifies successful completion of the Tank Killers campaign.
Tank Terror Award: This award signifies this modeler finished the Tank Terror Campaign of 2005.
The Workhorse Panzer IV and variants: This ribbon will be given to all those brave warriors that finish the Panzer IV and variants campaign. Congratulations!!