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War Thunder Guide to WoT Players

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Do you love World of Tanks? Maybe you play every night, grinding your way to the next tier or you’re in a clan and take Clan Wars super seriously. Or maybe you’re just a weekend tread. But, inevitably, you need more tanks. Maybe you’re curious about how the other half lives. Or maybe you’re just getting tired of the grind and want something different. Other tank games like Armored Warfare are coming, but they’re still a ways off. For now, though, we have the refreshingly different War Thunder: Ground Forces. This guide will help you understand the basic differences between how the two games and get you started.

The first thing you have to understand about War Thunder is that it’s more of a sim game than World of Tanks. It’s not a completely realistic simulator – though those are out there if you’re curious – it’s more “sim lite.” I’ll get into more detail as to how and why, but just be aware that tactics which work great in WoT may fail miserably in the more realistic WT. Also, keep in mind that War Thunder offers three different modes – Arcade, Realistic, and Simulator – that effect how “realistically” the game behaves.

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    A Pz.38(t) in the Hangar Area
    One of the level 1 tanks in the game. Ready to customize and upgrade!

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