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Monday, February 17, 2014 - 08:12 AM UTC
Star Citizen is a space game that mixes trade and space combat simulations with a first-person shooter mode as well. It is still in early development with an estimated 2015 release date.
Cloud Imperium Games, a recently formed company, is now developing the upcoming Star Citizen, a game that uniquely mixes together trade, simulations of space battles, and first person combat. Funding for the game came from a Kickstarter campaign and other donations and pledges from the website has now reached over $38 million.

Cloud Imperium will be releasing different modules for the game, starting in April, in preparation for the expected release date sometime in 2015. Starship Citizen's goal as a game is to create a realistic space adventure as you trade and fight with your very own ship. It includes both single and multiplayer. Currently, if you backed the project or purchased a game package you can get a module which allows you to walk around and take a look at your ship.

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