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Thursday, July 25, 2013 - 07:19 AM UTC
Torchlight II has reached 2 million in sales after less than a year from release.
Runic Game's Torchlight II just went over 2 million game sales after the recent Steam sale in which it was featured for $4.99. The game, an action/roleplay, has been out since September 2012 and many proclaim Torchlight II to be the answer to the disappointing Diablo 3.

One of the features missing in Diablo 3 was the amount of looting that could be done, while in Torchlight II looting is how you get most of your items. Another useful feature of Torchlight II was that you could send your pets to town to sell excess items when you're in the middle of a dungeon and your inventory is full. Metacritic's rating for the game is an 88 and mostly all the game reviews are positive.

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