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Tuesday, July 23, 2013 - 07:42 AM UTC
Cubeworld is a relatively new game out for $20 in alpha stage and is a voxel based RPG.
Cubeworld is an alpha stage game where the landscape is made of voxels and you are an explorer looking to make you mark on the world. Drawing elements from Minecraft and Legend of Zelda, it is a mix of both games as you can craft items from drops in the world and fight in dungeons with monsters.

Once you select a character, you are immediately dropped into the world to fend for yourself and try to find the town. Some might complain about the lack of tutorials while others may argue the game teaches you to learn for yourself.

Singleplayer is the main mode, but playing with a friend is also possible. The game, mentioned before, is currently $20, but the price will rise as the game goes into beta and is released.

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