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Tuesday, July 23, 2013 - 05:44 AM UTC
A quick review of the World of Tanks 8.7 update and the new features added.
In a few days, the 8.7 update will be released. This update will add a new branch of SPGs in the British tech tree and includes the following tanks:

Loyd Gun Carriage (tier II)
Sexton II (tier III)
Birch Gun (tier IV)
Bishop (tier V)
FV304 (tier VI)
Crusader 5.5-in. SP (tier VII)
FV207 (tier VIII)
FV3805 (tier IX)
Conqueror Gun Carriage (tier X)

T-50-2 owners will be surprised to see a different tank in that slot, as WoT has replaced that tank with the new MT-25. Experience, training, and research will be carried over from the T-50-2 to the MT-25.

Two other new tanks have been added, the Premium British tier III SPG: Sexton I and the Premium German tier VII tank destroyer: E-25.

In addition to map glitch fixes, a new USSR themed map has been devoloped as well, Severogorsk. Various other vehicle changes are also included.

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