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Monday, July 01, 2013 - 07:47 AM UTC
Today Mojang has released the promised Horse Update for Minecraft.
Minecraft now has something players have been begging for since the start; horses! The official update is out now and adds horses, mules, horse armor, and leads. Other non-barn-animal related things are coal blocks, wool carpets, and colored clay blocks which look pretty cool for building.

But back to the horses. Many types of colors and variations have been added. Mules and donkeys are included as well. Their special ability is to carry chests so that you can keep your inventory nice and cleaned out on your travels. The mules and donkeys, however, can not wear the horse armor. There are three types of armor: iron, gold and diamond. The armor protects them so that when you ride into battle, your steed won't die as well. Screenshots included will show the different types of armor.

Happy horse hunting!
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