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Wednesday, June 19, 2013 - 07:21 AM UTC
Two new exciting trailer were released for Battlefield 4 at E3.
EA's upcoming Battlefield 4 made an appearance at E3 with new trailers. One features a multi-player map called Siege of Shanghai while the other shows an example of single-player mode and is called Angry Sea.

The Siege of Shanghai is exactly what its title describes as you are dropped off into a huge virtual city in a helicopter. The fighting looked epic as you take down skyscrapers and leaped out of falling buildings. The Angry Sea was just as impressive as you try and flee from a sinking ship. The surface water is amazing and extremely realistic as you crash through the waves trying to fight for your life against enemy forces.

All in all, this Battlefield looks like it will be pretty cool. The game will be released October 29th for the US and later dates for Europe and Australia.

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