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Tuesday, June 11, 2013 - 07:39 AM UTC
WarGaming.net will soon release their 8.6 update for World of Tanks and is calling it their most significant update since 0.8.0.
This new update for World of Tanks changes many gameplay mechanics. The biggest one may be gun accuracy. Currently, many shots fired have the tendency to bounce or ricochet. In 8.6, accuracy will be increased so that the player will have fewer shots which go to the outside edge of the aiming circle. Other things include making HEAT shells more realistic by decreasing the effectiveness and damage they cause.

Additional changes are to camouflage, and credits and experience earned in a battle. With camouflage, if you had a low camouflage score and tried to add on a camouflage net or bonus, it would not add much and be negated. Now, that has changed, and larger tanks will be able to hide more effectively. There will be more people playing tank destroyers and artillery, because this update will also remove XP and credit penalties that kept many players from selecting those tanks. Another change is that there is now a bonus when you track an enemy tank and your team damages or destroys it.
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